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Prestige of MMMUT – Will it lose its SHEEN ? ……….

  • 1st phase of selection process to be completed on 20 Dec 2014.
  • Board of Management – All set to place its near and dear ones.
  • Objectives of the Vice-chancellor and the government shady.


Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur is holding its first selection committee for teaching vacancies.

In the very first selection process the seeds of corruption are being implanted with great care. This is being finalized by the Board of Management and the Limca Book of World Record holder, professor of repute, Vice-chancellor Dr. Onkar Singh Yadav. Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur has become a year old on 1st December 2014. The statutes of the university are still pending approval by the state government. In these conditions, according, to legal experts it is illegal to call for a selection process. The Board of Management of the University called a meeting in which the requisite qualifications were decided and an advertisement was placed on 17 June 2014 for the appointment of Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors. Placing an advertisement was a good act but modifying the requisite qualifications just before the interviews and not advertising the vacancies again after modification naturally puts a huge question mark on the sincerity of the Board of Management. The advertisement of 17 June 2014 is in itself questionable. In Humanities and Sciences the regulations of AICTE notification of 8 November 2012 has been asked for, whereas, in engineering branches it has been relaxed. An Alumnus of MMMUT  Amol Kumar Yadav had lodged a complaint to the Chancellor/Governor on 2nd December 2014 but no action has been initiated. The Board of Management will meet on 20 December 2014 to finalize the selection process. Looking at the advertisement of 17 June 2014 a lay man can easily point out that the notification no 3742/2002 solah 1-134/94 TC dated 29 November 2002 on reservation roaster has not been followed. 20 % reservation for women has also not find its place in the advertisement. At the same time the reservation for (ST) Scheduled Tribes has also not been applied.

The first selection process of the technical university established in the name of the well-known and renowned Pt Madan Mohan Malaviya is falling prey to the hands of corruption and malpractices. Along-with the name of the Mahamana the Vice-chancellor of MMMUT is also a world famous person. His prestige can also be marred due to this immoral and corrupt selection process. Advertisements are placed after the approval of the Board of Management and the Vice-chancellor. In such circumstances the Vice-chancellor is bound to be held responsible. If the version of the departmental sources be accepted the Board of Management modified the requisite eligibility requirements only to facilitate the appointment of near and dear ones. A member of the Board of Management on conditions of anonymity told that the selection of a professor from Kanpur is just a formality which has to be given shape in the selection process. A meeting of the Board of Management was held on 23 August 2014 in which the requisite eligibility requirements were modified. In a case of the High Court, writ no 393334/2012 and A-no.           37811/2013 of B R Ambedkar University, Agra the Hon’ble High Court has maintained that the roaster is to be applied by considering the department as a unit and not by considering the University as a unit but in MMMUT the roaster has been applied considering the university as a unit. Logically, a question arises why the university is pressing upon completing the selection process in a hurry, instead of trying to get the approval for the statutes of the university by the government? There can not be two standards for appointment in two departments of the same university. Experts say that reservation should be applied considering a department as a unit. In MMMUT the reservation policy and the roaster system of the government has not been followed at all. The reputed Vice-chancellor of MMMUT meets only a privileged few and refused to meet the correspondent who went to meet him.


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