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…………….. Finally the SHEEN is Lost.

 Professors appointed – in gross disrespect of the law.

Dearest one of Vice-chancellor, Dr Ajit Kumar Mishra, appointed as a Associate Professor.

59 vacancies 1200+ applicants. Interviews held for 35 Vacancies, appointments made only 10.


Gorakhpur : A year has gone by since the birth of Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology. It was a challenge for the newcomer Vice-chancellor Dr. Onkar Singh Yadav to keep the educational system of the varsity in order. He lived up to the expectations, kept and reformed things in an orderly manner. Along-with his successful embarkment to the job mal-practices, corruption and bad governance are also rooting themselves deeply in the varsity system. Prior to being upgraded to a technical university, during the period of the erstwhile  Madan Mohan Malaviya Engineering College, the regime of Dr.B.B. Singh at the time of BSP government, 39 vacancies were filled by appointing near and dear ones. The caretaker of the then forming new university Prof. J. P. Saini reiterated that this kind of illegal, corrupt practices were a thing of the past and will never be repeated again. Hardly a year has gone by and in the new varsity environment, mal-practices and corruption are in full bloom. Law and order has been forgotten by the Board of Management and this matter came to light. The varsity started appointing professors without getting the Bylaws approved by the government. Though in this matter the Chancellor, the Chief Minister and the Technical Minister’s office were informed by a complaint. In spite of this, the illegal selection process is still continuing without any hindrance and has not been stopped. The news about the appointment of near and dear ones was received from confirmed sources. The truth about the personal interest and the pressure of the Vice-chancellor for the appointment of Dr Ajit Kumar Mishra on the post of Associate Professor, who is working in DAV PG College, Kanpur as an Assistant Professor was received well before the date of the interview. Eventually, after the interview it came out and he was declared selected. This fact clearly proves the process of selection is being held using shady and corrupt practices and is being supported by the government and its ministers. Still there are vacant positions in MBA, Electronics, ITRC, Computer Science, Applied Science and Civil Departments. If we accept the confirmed sources, the Board of Management met on 20 December 2014 to approve the names of selected candidates. In this meeting the names of only 10 selected candidates were approved against a total of 35 open vacancies. There were 1200+ application for a total of 59 vacancies. In these conditions, the question arises why the selection committee and the Vice-chancellor could select only 10? The selection process has not been kept transparent. If there would have been transparency the university administration could have been held accountable for those 1200+ applicants. Among persons selected in this selection process are Dr. S. M. Ali Javed, for the post of Professor, who was working as Associate Professor in MMMUT in Civil Department and Dr Ajit Kumar Mishra who has been selected as Associate Professor in English who has been working as Assistant Professor in DAVPG College, Kanpur. Similarly, 4 Assistant Professors in Mechanical Department, 2 Assistant Professors in Electrical Department and 2 Assistant Professors in Civil Department have been selected. Sources say in order to appoint Dr. Ajit Kumar Mishra the Vice-chancellor modified the results of the screening committee and Dr. Ajit Kumar Mishra, who was at the last position among 4 candidates found eligible by the screening committee, was eventually placed at the first position in the selection committee and was finally declared selected.

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